Middlesbrough Milk Rollers-April 30th 2016


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Here’s something different to try!

The local women’s roller derby team, The Middlesbrough Milk Rollers, which is a contact sport played on roller skates.

Theyd like to invite you and as many of your friends as you can gather to join them free of charge at out event on Saturday.

There will be cakes, games, raffles and 2 exciting games of roller derby for you to watch.

All you have to do is message your name to them for the door list and let them know how many friends you’ll be bringing with you,the doors open from 1pm and the event can be found on “The Middlesbrough Milk Rollers” facebook page.


The event takes place Everyone Active at Eston Leisure Centre and you can find more information at


Get yourself down there this Saturday and follow the Facebook page Middlesbrough Milk Rollers , find out more about upcoming events to take part in.