Bungee Jump Off The Transporter!-Adrenalin Buzz Guaranteed!


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This post is not about a specific event but something for the adrenalin junkie in you! If you are a daredevil and fancy taking the plunge off a piece of rope looking headfirst into the River Tees then why not do a Bridge Bungee Jump?

The iconic transporter is now becoming a hot favourite for a jump and is becoming a must try across the world. At a jump height of over 160m, you will climb 210 steps to the top then its 3-2-1….PLUNGE!!

Once you have completed your jump then a waiting boot will take you to shore were you can majestically meet your friends and soak in the praise!!

Before taking the jump, professionals will double check your weight, jump cord selection and the harness on your waist before applying the ankle harnesses. The jumpmaster will then check you again before talking you through your daring plunge.


You can even buy merchandise such as videos, dvds and tshirts before your jump attempt.


Prices start at £75.00 and pre booking is essential, you cannot partake in a tandem jump at this location.



Check out the link above for more information-this would be great as a charity fundraising event also so if you are interested then get in touch!!

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