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KC Camps -Summer Holidays 2018

KC Camps are  launching an award winning summer camp day program, from the US, right here in Middlesbrough.

They are offering weekly sessions from 9am-3.30pm ages 5-12 the chance to experience a true American themed summer camp jam packed with sports, creative arts, dance, wacky Wednesdays, thankful Thursdays and a whole host of special events and entertainment.

Monday to Friday 9am-3.30pm complimentary before and after care , price is £129 (per week))+ £25 One time registration fee, includes 2 camper shirts and sports bag.

There will be swimming one day a week, trips to the local park for treasure hunt and picnics, also we are introducing thankful Thursdays for a chance for camper to give back,  plenty of charitable things to take part in and there’s also lots more planed. Now this is no normal “day camp” it’s a kids vacation!! 😎

The website will be live soon and we will announce it here at Middlesbrough Events so you can check it out and maybe sign your child up.  Remember the Play schemes from a kid?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have this kind of event running during the summer?  It can coat an absolute fortune to entertain children on a day by day basis and you can soon run out of ideas after week on,  there’s only so many parks/fun centres etc you can  go to before being fed up!


Below is just a Wacky Wednesday plan!


Week 1 – Superhero *fancy dress
What is a super hero?
A superhero is a boy or girl with a passion and commitment to fight for truth, justice and protection of the innocent.
On this day campers will prepare for an epic Infinity Nerf war battle by making shields and painting faces, fighting along side “real” Superhero characters. Will your child be the next spider man or superwomen?

Week 2 – The adventures of Robin Hood and Maid Marion
Some say Robin Hood was a heroic English outlaw, a skilled archer and swordsman, robbing from the rich to give to the poor.
Campers will create fun targets to shoot with the help of professional 1 on 1 tuition from North East Archery & Crossbow.

Week 3 – Treasure Island
Come aboard and become a true buccaneer, we will embark on a journey to treasure island “Stewart Park” where we will hunt for treasure, apple bob, complete a scavenger hunt and finish with classic games in the park.
We will be preparing our very own banquet to take with us for the adventure of a lifetime.

Week 4 – Halloween in August *fancy dress
Who said the ghosts and ghouls only come out in late October??
At our camp they will be out in force. Camper will design and create spooky costumes for a traditional US Halloween Disco. Throughout the day children will earn lots of Halloween goodies and taking part in many tricks and treats 🎃👻

Week 5 – Britain’s Kids got talent

A day for campers to show off any hidden talents. They will get to experience a local live band and then get to perform in front of their fellow campers and guest Judges. Who knows maybe your child will be the next 1 direction or little mix.

Week 6 – Wacky Water World
Time to really cool off, ultimate summer fun with inflatable water slides, slip & slides and a giant water-gun battle!!


The Summer Camp Dream Starts…

In 1999, Neil Werner was the driving force and founder of KECamps and led a team that created the most successful club summer camp management business in the United States, that still thrives today. After selling the company in 2012, Neil led another creative team for the unique business of Convention and Trade Show day camps, running successful programmes all over the United States.

KCCamps is absolutely delighted to be consulting and working with Neil to bring UK facilities, his award winning, truly memorable American themed summer camp experience like no other.

The team led by Lee Walker and Darren Walker at KCCamps are passionate about providing a safe and professional summer camp environment where your child can develop their confidence, self-awareness and long-lasting friendships which we believe is priceless. We believe that children should be exposed to as many creative activities and sports as possible, enhancing social skills, learning how to win together and lose together.

We are an in a new era where our kids are spending too much time online gaming and social networking. A generation of kids are losing out on important life skills and physical activities that we had when we were younger. It is crucial children are allowed to express themselves and let their imagination run wild while under the safe guidance of our professional and friendly staff. Come sign up for a KCCamps summer day camp, your children will have an experience of a lifetime!



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