A Tribute to Soul And Motown-Lets get Finley to America #getfinleytoamerica


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A Tribute to Soul and Motown


Its coming up to Christmas and if you are looking for a great nights entertainment and the opportunity to raise funds for the #getfinleytoamerica fund then this is the place to be on December 1st 2016.
Dust off your dancing shoes and head down to Libertys in the town for a fantastic night of live music by local band Mtown.  This is guaranteed to be top event and all proceeds raised go to the amazing cause.

There will be a fabulous bottle tombola and a raffle so you can also win some great prizes.


If you would like tickets then please contact Kara Ingles on 07786 001060 at a prize of £3 each they are sure to sell.

As well as this event there are also additional fundraisers which you can keep informed about by joining the community on Facebook. If you have any ideas for events then please contact via the page, every penny counts!


The Finley Story.

Finley was born 14.10.2011 and weighed 6lb 10oz and developed and grew just as any normal toddler would until April 2013 when out of the blue Finley had a seizure, at first doctors thought it was a febrile convulsion and his parents were told it was really common in small children. Finley had another seizure, a full Tonic / Clonic seizure while we were playing at the local park and he was rushed to hospital.

James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough then decided to give him an MRI scan and this is when  they discovered Finley had a brain tumour, and his care was then transferred to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle and was placed under the care of Dr Juliet Hale.

Weekly visits, MRI Scans and blood tests were all taken at the RVI and then in September 2014 Finley underwent a biopsy, which took six weeks waiting for the results, but these proved inconclusive. Finleys results were then shared with all the leading experts across the UK and the USA to try and find a diagnosis. Finley has so far tried 3 of the available drugs, but none of them have worked and his tumour has so far been resistant to all medication.

Finley’s care was then transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, all his test results have been discussed in numerous meetings and again sent to the USA for help.


Finally the doctors gave the following diagnosis-Hypothalamic Harmatoma , an extremely rare brain tumour. This tumour causes Finley to have:

Endocrine Problems
Severe Epilepsy
Gelastic Seizures
Darcrystic Seizures
Tonic / Clonic Seizures
Developmental Delays
Rage Attacks
Learning Difficulties

Finley has a daily battle with seizures, he also has a daily battle with emotional problems, rage attacks and learning difficulties. The only hope for Finley to try and lead a normal life is to undergo Laser Ablation Surgery which is only performed in the USA.

Finleys tumour can never be removed as it is too deep in the hypothalamus region of the brain and is totally entwined with brain matter, therefore Laser Ablation is the only hope as it attack the tumour with a laser to try and stop the blood flow to the tumour and, possibly shrink it also.

Finleys tumour is 2.5cm and is large for a child of his age. The seizures the tumour causes leave Finley totally exhausted and he is having over 10 a day on some occasions.

The Money is being  raised will help to get Finley to either Texas or Arizona in the USA, these two centres can both do the procedure know as Laser Ablation, but both have extremely high costs as this procedure is state of the art brain surgery but life changing for Finley! To make a donation please visit the below link.



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